Choose the Right Innovation Method at the Right Time – HBR (Harvard Business Review)

Many thanks to Antoine Perruchoud for publishing this overview of different methods that can be used in the innovation process. What I like in this overview is that it highlights which methods should be used at what stage. I also like Antoine’s comment taken from the enclosed article:

« Although these tools come by many different names (e.g., lean startup, design thinking, discovery-driven planning, agile software, and so forth) they actually have a remarkable commonality. Where they differ is primarily with regard to the steps of the innovation process they emphasize. For example, design thinking emphasizes understanding customer problems, whereas lean emphasizes solution experiments. One other important difference: They tend to be tools that start-ups easily adopt, but that managers wrestling with day-to-day execution have struggled to incorporate. »

Key messages or commonalities of these methods are:
– the user is part of the process
– prototype fast
– alternate phases where you open to creativity, others where you limit creativity and concentrate on analysing

Finally this article mentions that there is a certain order in this process and jumping too fast from one to another, or neglecting some stages is deadly. Ex. « Once you have an insight, most innovators make the mistake of leaping to straight to solutions without first understanding the real problem, the job-to-be-done »

 The four stages of innovation require different tools.

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